CanelaFitness was born from a place where I always believed I could DO MORE. 


When I came to America, I always believed I could DO MORE and there were endless opportunities and things for me to achieve in this country.  


However what I realized fast was achievements don’t come that easy.  

In reality nothing ever comes easy unless you truly work hard and dedicate yourself. 


I turned to Fitness because I wanted to transform my body like I was working to transform my mind.  


My love for health & fitness is what drives me to always work to DO MORE & BE MORE.  


CanelaFitness was my own way of showing myself not can I transform my body but I can also transform what I put on my body. 


Every product we sell is first tested by my team & I.  We put in countless hours of hard work, grit and sweat in the gym. 


It has to perform for US before it can perform for YOU. 


Please come along and join our journey in transforming your Mind, Body & Soul.